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To the Editor: some corrections

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Dr. Funk

In the last paragraph, there's a bit of awkward sentence structure--"To play this in the Clawhammer (or Frailing) way..." It should really read something like "To play the banjo in the clawhammer, or frailing, style..." Neither "clawhammer" nor "frailing" should be capitalized.

Also, the sentence in the three-fingered picking paragraph that reads "People began finger picking the banjo in the late 1800s as the instrument became more civilized" is, I think, not entirely accurate (high society types also introduced the regular old pick), and it also sounds a tad awkward placed where it is. I'd rather it be omitted. Then, you can also take out the "however" that qualifies the next sentence.

I have also tried to avoid the use of words like "civilized" and "civilizing" to describe the banjo's movement through society. Those words, to me, imply in a somewhat colonial way that urban society is somehow more developed or further along than rural society--an idea I disagree with.


-Dr. Funk

To the Editor: some corrections

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Changes made!

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To the Editor: some corrections

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Dr. Funk


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To the Editor: some corrections

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