A Conversation for Surviving Being Eaten by a Whale

go whales!

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Martin Harper

Great picture! smiley - smiley

And is it just me who gave a satisfied grunt when I read the bit about whales sinking whaling ships? I think not. Serve the $££"^ right!

go whales!

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ditto!! smiley - biggrin

What I've heard is that whales are extremely unlikely to attack a ship... and all stories of such are mere fabrications to make whale hunters appear more brave. I may be mistaken though.

Anyway, I now know what to do if trapped inside a whale. I'll remember that, it could be useful. smiley - silly

go whales!

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Evil One, part time Megalomaniac and fanatical condemner of Alabaster and Pop music

I read somewhere that 3/4 of a sperm whales food is a type of squid man has only ever caught 1 of.

I also know that when a whale has been harpooned in a serious way they throw up. Large bits of squid come up and float about the dead whale.

So if you were eaten by a whale then you would never want to eat squid ever again probally. (Why you'd want to eat tough squid at all baffels me!!)

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