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Salt and Shake mourned

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Archaris Kitten, one small aching heart in the infinite void

Farewell, proper Salt n Shake crisps. you've been subjected to the seemingly inevitable 'improvement' process, which means that you don't taste as good. Sigh.

I also seem to remember Bacon flavour Salt n Shake crisps, ready flavoured but still with the little blue bag of salt. Ah, memories.

Salt and Shake mourned

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Researcher 234547

long, long time ago I can still remember how the Smith's crisps adverts used to make me smile...

Any advertising wizards out there who remember they know somebody who knows somebody who talked to the girl who married the man that danced with the girl who hung off the back of the London Transport bus and reaffirmed what everybody knew about Smith's Crisps...

"...they're tho cwithpy."

Well, apart from Malcolm Gluck, anybody know who she was (is)?

Sha had her 15 mins of fame...I think it's time we all knew..."where is she now?"

Also, where's Fiona Butler now?

Salt and Shake mourned

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The Apprentice

It was indeed a tragedy when the Salt & Shake was re-branded and re-packaged... and, yes, something was lost in the change because they don't taste quite the same any more. The shame...

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The Apprentice
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