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Bovril Square Crisps

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Please help me - I think I'm going mad!! I'm SURE I remember Bovril flavour square crisps in the early 80's, but no-one else can. Does anybody out there recall these tastebud tantalising morsels ....?

Bovril Square Crisps

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Researcher 230950

Of course they existed and I think they still do. Marmite flavour is also going strong, so to speak!

Bovril Square Crisps

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smiley - wahsmiley - wah I just happen to mention asbout these a couple of hours ago,i have got a sudden fancy for them!!! I have been asking people if anyone had seen them & no one seems to know where i can buy a packet......smiley - wahsmiley - wah
Bovril crisps,as far as i can remember weren't square ones just normal shapes & sizes.
If anyone can help me find them i would be forever grateful. smiley - smooch

Bovril Square Crisps

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they definately had bovril square crisps, i loved them and always bought them on the way to school.they were made by smiths (now owned by walkers)there is a petition to try and get walkers to make them,google bovril petition and please sign.
walkers stopped making marmite crisps too,i would be just as happy to get them back.dont buy the marmite branded ones as they taste burnt(vile).they dont make bovril or marmite any more how sad !

Bovril Square Crisps

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Bring back Bovril crisps! Petition

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