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Jim diGriz

To the editor:

In the original, I wrote "Che's body was 'disappeared'".

You've removed the "was", and I can understand why. However, in the context of Latin America, the word 'disappear' is used as a transitive verb when talking about the political disappearance of people. So you can say "The government 'disappeared' him".

The quote marks are always necessary to denote the ironic use of the word.

It may seem pedantic, but it does change the sense when "was" is removed. Without the "was", the implication is that the body disappeared, but no-one really knew where it had gone. In fact, although the details were not widely known at the time, it was generally accepted that the body had *been* 'disappeared'.

(This really is a standard usage in the context! If you don't believe me smiley - winkeye I can quote some passages from definitive books on the subject.)

Cheers, jd


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Hey jd,

Thanks for this. I'm the guilty one I'm afraid. smiley - winkeye

I've changed it back after reading your response and agree whole heartedly.

Should be better now.


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Jim diGriz

Thanks for the quick work! smiley - smiley



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Anarchist in the U.K- I'm not a hippy, Its just a nickname

That's all very well and good but wheres his body now?


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Santa Clara, Cuba


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I read in Jon Anderson's updated Che bio that the Bolivians buried his body under an airstrip somewhere and many years of negotiations between the two nations lead to his return.

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