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The price of a dinosaur skeleton rental...

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Mr Prophet (General Purpose Genre Guru)

...is around a hundred crates of soy sauce, as well we know.

Soy sauce is truly a wonderful thing, but I knew a guy once who drank soy sauce. That just isn't right.

The Prophet

secret compartments

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I know someone who did that too! (accidentally) You shoulda seen the look on her face.

As to the title of my post...
My hostfamily had all sorts of cool openings in odd places (including a gate to nowhere off a 2nd story balcony!). Once I got up the nerve to ask my hostmother about the 3 ft square trapdoor in the kitchen floor (I was expecting a root cellar, electical box, or something), she opened it up and lo and behold it was an insulated compartment about 1.5 ft deep and well stocked with various containers of SOY SAUCE. Personally I'd keep the sake in the secret compartment and the soysauce in the fridge, but that's just me (don't get any wrong ideas about me, I'd sooner drink soy sauce than alcohol). smiley - silly
Maybe we should have a soy sauce smiley!

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The price of a dinosaur skeleton rental...

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