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Is mise Duncan

Although it was all a blur, and some time ago, I don't remember there being a pilot chute being released in my one and only jump...is there one involved in a static line jump?

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Researcher 128417

No- not needed.

Instead of the pilot 'chute "anchoring" iself in the airstream and deploying the main you were anchored direectly to the aircraft. A long webbing belt would have been attached to a hard point in the 'plane and then tied with cord (called a breaktie)with a low breaking strain to the apex of the canopy.

When the canopy is fully deployed the cord breaks and voila: under canopy ! (If all goes well...)

To all skydivers out there: Blue Skies !!

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Wow, there ARE other skydiving researchers! Maybe someone could give me a hand in hyping my skydiving entry to the peer-review Editors... gotta rebut that other entry with something a little more factual :) http://www.h2g2.com/F48874?thread=84126 Blue skies...

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