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As stated in the footnotes, TMNT was started to poke fun at the then current run of Frank Miller on the comic Daredevil. Frank's sparce, blocky and monocoloured style was hugely popular, and was itself a tribute to Japanese comics like Lone Wolf and Cub (Miller later drew covers for the English printings of LWAC). In the tale was details of Daredevil being trained by a clan of ninja. The elder was Stick (Splinter) and four deciples with different weapons. Also, the story of Matt Murdock (DD) being blinded by a tub of chemicals that fell off a truck and struck him in the face, later giving him a bat-like radar vision. TMNT picked up the tale at that point and had the chemicals fall into the sewer and on to the turtles. So, the drawing style, origin and the five main characters were all from Daredevil.

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Ninja Turtles

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