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Ninja Turtles

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Recently returned TNTS DVD.
My grandchildren are addicted to them, as was their mother, when she first saw them in the 80's.
Although I have seeen the cartoons as well as the film, I must confess I'm not a great fan! smiley - erm
But they are well - imagined, and quite a money maker, still! smiley - magic

Ninja Turtles

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Read the graphic novels. They were/are easily the best.
Dark and brooding but with a subtle (not always black) humour.
The first movie captures some of that, but the cartoons were kid stuff.

My fave was always Raphael.

I must be getting old. I remember when....

....one of my mates worked in Minotaur (THE Melbourne, Aus, book and comic store). He thrust a hot off the boat copy of issue 3 into my hands and said, "Man. You've *got* to read this."

Ninja Turtles

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Hello Silverygibbon! smiley - smiley
Yes, a 'few of us' just may be getting on (including ME!)smiley - winkeye
I confess I never read the novels.
I do enjoy SciFi, but prefer Mysteries.
Just finished "The Death of An Irish Lover" (Bartholomew Gill)smiley - ok
Rafael was also the fav or my daughter and now her three children (ages 2, 4, & 6)
smiley - cheers

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