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Callan - those missing early episodes...

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What a shame that not only are the first two series unavailable to the public, but that several of the episodes are not known to have survived.

If anyone can find a trace of the monochrome classics from July 1967 onwards, please share the information! Perhaps someone out there has an old videotape... Some pioneering hi-techie of their time...


Callan - those missing early episodes...

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There was a small "Mom & Pop" outfit here in the US (they used to run the EW-WWW site for Edward Woodward) who had several of the old monochrome episodes, but, unfortunately, none of the missing ones. I've got an old catalogue of theirs with listings of the episodes available (might have to dig it up, but I *do* still have it). However, if they're still selling the VHS tapes, I have no idea; their website & e-mail address have been discontinued for some time now. Snail mail seems to be the only way to go, so if I find anything out, I'll post here.

Also, I've been trying to obtain the DVD set for "Callan", but as it's been deleted from the catalogue, it's becoming increasingly difficult (& expensive!) to find. Any help with some old rental copies (or "unmentionable" copies) is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail me: doctorwholittle_at_yahoo_dot_com.


The Doctor

Callan - those missing early episodes...

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So did we have any joy with tracking down Mr. Callan? I am very keen to find these.


Callan - those missing early episodes...

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Sorry it's taken so long to get a reply back to you, Iain. I found a bloke who's got the entire run of CALLAN, including the one-off "reunion" telemovie, "Wet Job". As soon as I get ahold of them, I'll be more than happy to help any CALLAN fans fill out the rest of their collection.

Also, please feel free to join my Yahoo! Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/david_callan

Happy Crimble, awl!!

-- The Doctor

Callan - those missing early episodes...

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Gavin Orr

Callan is currently showing on UK TV on foxtel on Saturdady nights in Sydney (at 22:30, next episode is on in 30 minutes).

I don't know how complete the series is but it is interesting to watch - still entertaining and realistic even after so many years.

Last week involved two spies returning from the other side of the iron curtain, having been captured many years before. One intends to blow the whistle on how he was blackmailed into becoming a spy so Callan is told to "take care of him" - good stuff!

According to their web site, this week Hunter secretary goes missing (A village called "g", I think) but I hope that's wrong, because that episode was on two weeks ago!

Callan - those missing early episodes...

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Callan series 3 is available in Australia - need to be able to play region 4. Can be bought from the ABC bookshop online at abc.net.au
Callan series 4 is to be released next week, can be pre-ordered.

Callan - those missing early episodes...

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hi did you manage to get hold of the guy with all the callan episodes,as i would be very interested in getting hold of some of them.please let me know thanx craig email [email protected]

Callan - those missing early episodes...

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

The b&w episodes are now commercially available in the UK, from Network DVD.

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