A Conversation for Essential Items to Take on Holiday

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-Gaffers tape
-A towel

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What's the tape for?

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Administrator-General (5+0+9)*3+0

Assuming "Gaffers" is anything like duct tape, it's for field repairs of your clothing, your luggage, or any other fabric item which rips. If you take along some glue to reinforce the tape, these field repairs can wind up stronger than the original.

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Gaffers tape, unlike duct-tape, has a cloth-like backing. It is very, very strong.

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AquaMarina the Mermaid - wearing her shell bikini top for the bikini [email protected]

A pair of tweezers.
Sun-tan lotion.
A credit-card. {preferably Sugar-Daddy's}smiley - bigeyes

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As for the credit card, my twenty-two year old credit card was finally magnetically refused tonite by a cash register that has been having sex with it for the past three years, and as recently as last nite.

Don't count on credit cards.

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