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Spratts Darkstar

re: Credit Cards.
very clever, you can NEVER have enough of them, until you´ve got half a wallet full of them...a very good idea is to use those "try-our-card-for-free" offers, some charge no costs for up to one year. The more cards you own, the better your chances of getting HOME when the poo hits the rotating ventilator. Worrying about the bills later is better ( ask mom + pop for help ) than being dead in Dagastan. Just be responsible with the shopping power.

re: Swiss Army Knives
a medium sized Swiss Army Knife is a zillion bits bettar than ANY multi-tool like Leatherman, Gerber or Victorinox´s: here´s why:

CORKSCREW: Every tried to impress at a picnic in the Bretagne by opening a bottle of rouge with a pair of pocket pliers ???

TOOTHPICK / TWEEZERS: I realize REAL men are butch and like the LEATHERMAN multi-space-age bits of kit, but real men also get splinters and need to get grotty bits of mediterranean food out from their teeth.

AIRLINES: a Swiss Army Knife is just, well, a Swiss Army Knife. Some modern Multi tools look like ( and probably are ) good enough to take apart a modern jet, and are much more likely to be confiscated.

SECURITY / CUSTOMS: A shiny bright multi tool - everybody would want one of those....bye bye tool or no chance of getting the visa stamped... a well worn, slightly grubby Swiss Knife attracts a lot less attention.

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Traveling light

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