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Kintara the Casual Observer- Dr. Bob is still operating, an easy 42 with (1+8*5-1+3-1=42)

The other half tells me that Avon Dry Oil body spray is great at keeping mozzies away. Tried it in Turkey last year and Cyprus the year before that. Works a treat.
Well worth taking a bottle to try. And it Smells so much nicer than all that Jungle Formula stuff.smiley - smiley


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Baron Grim

Sorry, but the only thing that truely works to keep the Mosquitos away is DEET. (The active ingredient in commercial sprays such as OFF (tm). 20% DEET is recommended. I've lived on the gulf coast of Texas all my life. We've tried everything from citronella to Avon Skin-So-Soft(tm) to various garden plants. The original inhabitants of this area, the Carancaua, used aligator grease, but I bet they would have used DEET if they had it. Deet works by masking the CO2 that respires from ones skin. It doesn't actually repel the mozzies as much as blind them to you. Occasionally one or two will still find you when they are really thick (i.e. when visibility is down to a quarter mile because of the nasty little buggers), but otherwise while your citronella and Avon soaked friends are beating themselves silly you can stand quite calm and cooly sipping your sweet iced tea in relative peace.

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