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año del ano

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Neugen Amoeba

Apart from the obvious traps of pronunciation, not least helped by a poor accent and grammar, exist the traps of spelling. Some words such as año, with the accent mark, have a some what different meaning when the accent mark is omitted.

año del ano

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The Frood (Stop Torture: A455528)

Actually, the tilde (~) is not an accent mark. It is that, a tilde ~ smiley - smiley They are an alternative to 'gn' in French and Italian (I think..)

año del ano

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Abu Shenob

And 'nh' in Portuguese; e. g. 'senhor'.

año del ano

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You could use anything, really. It's just what people decide upon and force through political power (which is like an extremely large sword, but you can leave it at home), moveable type, or conquest.

Still, "h" is an extremely popular letter with which to make digraphs.


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