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Irradical Numbers

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Researcher 161034

Wow man was that ever neat to read. I actually felt like I was remembering some far off study of math, but I never did understand it. Well, anyway, thanks for seeing the poetry in mathematic........ciao

Irradical Numbers

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Joe aka Arnia, Muse, Keeper, MathEd, Guru and Zen Cook (business is booming)

Thanks for the compliment smiley - smiley

Behind almost every maths theorem there is an interesting story that is entwined in the thoughts that went into it. The proof that there is no solution by radicals for quintics (leave aside what this actually is for now) has a story that includes rebellion, revolution, political imprisonment and a lovesick duel at sunrise. This seems fairly typical. Maths is a very passionate subject and attracts passionate people.

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