A Conversation for Torture

Sheer bloody mindedness.

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Scottish Guy

I live in fear of nothing. Any person/organisation/government etc who is folish enough to threaten me direclty or indirectly with torture or termination will find themselves a war with a newly created nation of one. Trust me when I say that it's very easy for a single person to kick the ass of a large organisation. If they have any sense, they'll kill me outright. They'd just better not miss.

Sheer bloody mindedness.

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Unless you're a disembodied head with an off switch in the roof of your mouth, I think being fearless is not much of a safeguard against torture.

A lot of brave people have been tortured all over the world for defending their convictions, the ultimate bravery.


Sheer bloody mindedness.

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Scottish Guy

Ah, but all those brave people held peaceful convictions. Their beliefs prohibited them from pumping a hundred tonnes of oxygen into the gas supply of an offending city to create a massive fuel/air bomb. They would never in a million years think of attacking military bases from a hill top 3 miles away with rocket propelled grenades. It wouldn't occur to them to fashion a suit of near indestructable kevlar armour and go on a killing spree down at their local interrogation centre with a couple of M60 machine guns and a flame thrower. And they call me mad! WAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAA!!!

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