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Gnomon - time to move on

Entry: Athens, Greece - A2389575
Author: Gnomon [to Greece in 2 weeks] - U151503

This is an Update of the existing Athens entry at A447310. It is almost all my own work but uses about four paragraphs from the original entry.

A2389575 - Athens, Greece

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Comprehensive stuff smiley - smiley But I don't think I'll ever go, even though you making it tempting...

A2389575 - Athens, Greece

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks, Matt. The world is a big place and we can't all see all of it. Although I intend to try.

A2389575 - Athens, Greece

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Sea Change

This is an interesting update, good stuff to add.

"right as far as the mountains"->Is this an Unitedkingdomese expression? I don't understand it because it implies that you can go left and the city isn't as extensively covering the valley, which is an odd thing to say.

Why 'democracy' in quotes? Elsewhere you have listed Western democracy, and it's not certain how your meaning is different.

"The Western World"->This also seems an odd turn of phrase. It was always called Western Civilization when taught in the university I went to. Does Western World mean something different?

"other major city state"->there have been many major city-states throughout history. Is Sparta the only one in the world at this time?

"present size of 4 million"-> present size. (I'm pretty sure 4 million is duplication)

"60 cents...30 cents..."->I know in the past that actual prices of things have been frowned upon because they are likely to change and the entry is not likely to be updated so there's a risk of misinforming the reader. I personally don't agree with this, but it has been past house-style. Are the Cents you mention here parts of a Euro or parts of a USD?

"poor speakers driven off podium" ->I think this is a repeat.

A2389575 - Athens, Greece

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks for your comments, Sea Change.smiley - ok

"Right as far as the mountains" must be a Irish/UK expression, as it is completely understandable to me. I've changed it to "all the way to the mountains".

Removed quotes from around democracy.

I don't see anything wrong with the phrase "the Western World".

Changed "fight against the other major city state, Sparta" to "fight against the most important other city state, Sparta".

Removed the duplicate population, and the duplicate mention of hecklers.

I believe entries should provide prices in general terms where possible, and I don't see anything in the Writing Guidelines suggesting otherwise. But to guard against future inflation, and your confusion about US versus Euro, I've changed that section to:

"less than a euro for an adult and children are half price"

(It wouldn't have entered my head that people might think I was talking about American money rather than European.)

smiley - smiley G

A2389575 - Athens, Greece

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Oh, a link you may have missed; A9565437 Ancient Sparta smiley - ok

A2389575 - Athens, Greece

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks, Matt. That's a cool picture on that entry.

A2389575 - Athens, Greece

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

Ah, *just* missed him. Ah well, when Gnomon gets back, he'll be able to see this as a brand new, updated entry. Thanks, Gnomon, and I hope the trip went well.


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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks, Jimster!

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