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You're going to be cheated when you ride in from the airport, deal with it.

If you're meeting friends in Athens, then a good notable landmark to meet at is the Marble Stadium. It's just out of the Plaka (old city where all the mayhem starts) and in plain view of the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus.

You'll want to stay at in the Plaka, where all the action is at. All the small winding ancient streets are packed with restaurants, bars and cheap accommodation. Everything you're going to want is here, and everything is in walking distance.

There's a scam in Athens in bars which hire girls to talk to the customers whilst getting them to buy drinks that are exorbitantly priced, contain no alcohol, and are downed and asked for another before you've even had a snifter of your own.

Check out the port at Piraeus, there's a heck of boats there. Plus they take you to all the exotic boat rides that are very reasonably priced from the Greek Islands, to anywhere in the Mediterranean.

If you dig all that ancient stuff, then there's a fine collection of it in the Museum for Ancient Greek antiquities.

You can't sit in the Acropolis at dawn, there's several fences keeping you out, the last of which has dog kennels and a guardhouse.

Drink a lot of Greek coffee (don't call it Turkish coffee, they'll toss you out on your ear) and feta cheese.

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More travel tips...

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