A Conversation for William Howard Taft - Ohioan and 27th President of the United States

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Interesting and informative. So, exactly the kind of entry that belongs in the Guide.

Not being an American, all I knew about Taft was "Fat" and "Early 1900's". I hold a higher respect for the man now. It sounds like a strong sense of morality may have been his presidential downfall. Pity... If he had wanted the job and wanted to wield the power, he might have accomplished a lot of good; more than he did. Then again, morality and desire for power are a hard couple of jigsaw pieces to jam together...

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I tend to think that he would have been a better Uncle than President. smiley - smiley He would fall asleep in the middle of things - and that's fine if it's after a Christmas meal by the fire, but don't fall asleep in Cabinet meetings or funerals! smiley - yikes

He did some good. He broke up more monopolies than Roosevelt did, but didn't get any credit for it.

smiley - blacksheep

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No worries.. most Americans don't know anything about history, either. I actually only heard Taft's name this year and since we've used the term "TAFT!" to confuse bumbling fools. Thanks for the entry, though, this gives me a lot of good perspective on the man.


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