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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Under the header 'The Town of Churchill Falls.' please check the last sentence of the first paragraph. The author includes 'the post office' twice in his list of things that share a building with the Inn.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this entry. I felt the comparisons with a villian's base in a James Bond movie were particularly well-done and fun to read. What a super way to lend dramatics to an otherwise dry subject!

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Administrator-General (5+0+9)*3+0

Wow, the author *did* mention the post office twice. And the editor even let him.

Oops... B{C>

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It is a classic test to see if you actually read and take in in what is placed as text before you.

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Multiplicity of Post Offices apart, this is another splendid entry A-G, and just what I enjoy most about h2g2. Lots of entertaining and interesting stuff about not very much! My list of places I absolutely must visit is diminished by one. Thanks.

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I left in Post Offices twice deliberately.. because, er... because well... anyway, I've got to go now...

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