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Posted by Malabarista in the original entry's Peer Review thread, deemed worthy of repeating here for posterity:

A TV station has been interviewing news presenters, and has found the perfect candidate - were it not for the fact that he winks constantly!

He explains that it's a facial tic he can't help, but if he takes an aspirin, it will disappear for a few hours, and he'll look quite normal on camera. So in the spirit of equal opportunity and all that, he is hired.

Shortly before he is due to go on for the first time, his new colleague finds him rooting through his bag desperately, shovelling out condoms by the handful and throwing them all over the room as he looks for his pills.

She's a bit offended, and asks him "What are all the condoms for?"

"Oh", says he, "have you ever gone into a chemist's and asked for aspirin when you're winking constantly?"

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