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Man from the Wight

Hi, It was good to read the article you posted as it reminded me of the time that my Dad, who worked there at the time as a Plater took me there one Saturday as a small boy, it must have been around 1951 as I was around 6 years old or so. He took me around the plane then allowed me to step inside for a look around. I remember well sitting in the pilots seat. It was a memory that had gone to the depths of my memory. It was nice to have that come back to me.
As I grow older my mum, who used to tidy the workshops of Christopher Cockrell was asked if she knew of someone who could do some basic painting around the walls ect. She got me to do it so I was able to see all the tin cans and vacuum cleaners ect that were laying around that he was using in his experiments at that time. I was a round 14 or so at the time I think. I never saw him as I remember. I used to turn up with my Mum in the evening after he had left.
I enjoyed your article here well done

Princess Flying Boat

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I've seen the pictures and film of the Princess and I find them fascinating, but alas I was never able to see the Princess in real life - so, what was she like? Especially inside? The photos I have of her make her look very beautiful, but they are all of the outside only. It must have been quite an experience - I'm jealous!
So, what was Christopher Cockrell's workshop like? I have written an article about hovercraft - it hasn't been approved yet - but if you;d like to, you can read it here:

Thanks for dropping by and reading this,


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