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Princess flying boats

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I was a student at Esso Fawley in 1965 to 66. The 3 Princesses were still around, was it one at Calshott and 2 at Cowes? In the district there were all sorts of flying boat items such as a wingfloat in a farmyard and probably a lot more if one had the time to investigate.
In the original entry, I noticed an amusing misprint, maybe picked up in previous replies. The engines in the Princesses were Bristol Proteus not Protease. Protease is an enzyme capable of breaking down proteins. There must be a joke in there somewhere.

Paul Kidger

Princess flying boats

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Thanks Paul - typos get everywhere, don't they? smiley - winkeye
It must have been impressive to see them - sadly as they were scrapped before I was born, all I've seen are films of them.

Incidently, what was it like working in Fawley? I've been past the place on ther ferry, but never actually been there.


Princess flying boats

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Great, Paul, I was a Fifth Year Engineering Apprentice at John I Thorneycrofts, Southampton in 1952 and actually saw the Princess flying in or around August that year.
An incredible sight, as I had never seen a 'plane so enormous! I always understood that the reason these planes never went into service was that although they could fly, the engines at that period hadn't sufficient power to carry a full payload. (I remember three of them later in 'mothballs' near Fawley, we thought they were waiting for engine technology to catch up, possibly jet power.)

Princess flying boats

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Just seen a piece on South Today reference the Flying Boats, which has then brought my attention to this site.

Have read your comments and piece on Flying Boats, especially Princess Flying Boats, and am very interested, as my Grandfather, who sadly died in January, worked in Calshot, cocooning/mothballing the Flying Boats. He mentioned the company he worked for was Brands, but my Mother and I cannot find any information on this.

Could you shed some light on this for us and possibly what company carried out the mothballing, we would welcome any information available.

Yours gratefully,

Karen Spinks
[email protected]

Princess flying boats

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi Karen,

You might put this question into <./>Askh2g2</.> the Community are brilliant at finding out most things smiley - smiley

I have also left you a message in your Personal Space. I hope it will help you find your way about Hootoo smiley - ok

lil xx
smiley - magic

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