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Aircraft on the Isle of Wight 1960 - 2000

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The author of these notes makes an extraordinary statement that the Trislander is the World's first passenger transport with three piston engines. Just go back prior to the Second World War and see how many there were! Just a few of the companies that built such aircraft include Boeing, Stinson, Ford, Fokker, Dewoitine, Wibault, Junkers, Savoia Marchetti, Westland, etc. The statement is clearly untrue.

Aircraft on the Isle of Wight 1960 - 2000

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This was less a case of being untrue, as being unintentionally inaccurate. Yes, it is true that many aircraft, such as the Junkers JU 52, were three-engined passenger aircraft. However, that does not deny the fact that what was said, admittedly badly, was intended to be a truth: that the design of the Trislander is unique, and its engines are arranged in a new, novel, way that was not employed by any previous aircraft.


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Aircraft on the Isle of Wight 1960 - 2000

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