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NigeyPigey said:

"I took great pleasure in reading this wonderful little entry, as I too am from Brentwood originally, now living in Guildford, the town Ford Prefect wasn't from after all. However, I have a bone to pick with you and that is this - why do you mention the names of people who commuted to the school, and not the names of people who actually lived there? The names Frank Bruno, Ross Kemp, Jodie Marsh and Graham Gooch spring to mind. Graham Gooch is a famous cricketer in case you didn't know, and i went to school with his twin daughters. Another interesting little fact - Frank Bruno tried to become MP for Brentwood, and his slogan was this (and this is the pinnacle of PR): "Don't be a plank, vote for Frank! He he he he he." (I cannot imitate the famous Bruno laugh with only letters) I thought that he should have won, solely because of that awful rhyme."

Thanks for your comments! Well, all but the one that I haven't quoted. smiley - erm

I left out people who live here, because, as in the case of Ross Kemp, people do tend to move out and I didn't want to have to keep asking for this to be updated.

I don't remember Frank Bruno running for parliament, I must admit, but I know where he lives. I've even been in his house! Although that's before he lived there, admittedly. At the moment we also have Steve Davies, Alan Sugar and that bloke who manages sports people - Barry someone?

We've also had Trevor Brookin, Tiffany from EastEnders, that bloke from the Bill who's now in EastEnders and a fair few others.

I also forgot to add in a couple of the best parks in the area, but I do intend to get that info added when I get around to it!

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