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True Happiness

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The Dali Llama

Spoiler alert for any one who hasn't seen the most recent season.
Angel's soul goes away when he experiences "true Happiness". What about when his son is born? Isn't that "true happiness"? Or am I missing something here?

True Happiness

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

mild spoilers again for series 2 + 3

in a lot of the fan fiction where this is explored rather than avoided like in the tv show they get round the perfect happiness issue by saying that when angel was with buffy there were both being very naive thinking things were ok. now angel is not as naive and therefore will bever achieve the same blissfull state again because although he could be very happy he will never be as idealistic. if he did go evil everytime he gets laid then he should have gone evil when he slept with darla in series 2. i dont think conner could count as perfect happiness because surely angel is too worried about being a parent and keeping connor safe etc to be totally blissed out about being a father. just like all parents really.


True Happiness

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I dunno. Haven't seen much of season three yet but I would think that Angel is going to have guard against being caught unawares, those moments of happiness just creep up. Somehow whatever the odds, doubts are just pushed away and before you know it blissed out. Conner is a threat to Angel's soul I think as is possibly Cordy, all to easy to get lost or locked into a moment. Shagging Darla was as he said nothing to do with happiness it was about despair, the 'moment of happiness' wasn't a moment of happiness it was about release in more than the one sense.

Maybe by getting to this point Angels soul is someway more secure although not yet secured?

I dunno whether he has lost his ideals, or was ever an idealist, was he? The clause was unknown to both Buffy and Angel when they got it together since that time Angel has had to guard against his own happiness. Its a kind of magical torture imo. One thing to give the vamp a conscience to live with, I can see the justice in that, but this is pushing it. And stupid actually. That one moment how could they predict that would be with a slayer who would actually send to a hell dimension, could be anyone, anything for that matter a sunset could have moved him tohappiness who knows? So releases Angelus back into the world and onto an unsuspecting public. Not allowing him happiness may have a hand in driving him to a point of wanting to break the curse, again hi to Angelus. So I think its baout time they give it up, let it go. Angel has does his time with this curse.Holtz is a great reminder of Angel past and scary.

smiley - cheers

Love Peanut xx

True Happiness

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Detective Armani

That was relatively short for you Peanut. How come? smiley - evilgrin

True Happiness

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SPOILER ALERT well....kinda

any one still watch Angel i'm sooo in to season 5 already i mean spike coming bak has made me sooo happy he gives some of the best one liners since buffy.I hope someone will reply 2 this cause it seems no-ones been here 4 years oh well can't blame a gal 4 tryin

There's one thing me and my friend were recently tryin 2 work out in series 1 of Buffy spike says angel is his sire which isn't sposed 2 b rite. It's sposed 2 go darla sires angel, angel sires dru and then dru sires spike? Recently in angel spike did call angel his "grand sire" but wat does that mean.

True Happiness

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angel is spike's grand sire like this your dad's dad is your grand dad, your sire's sire is your grand sire. so in a way angel is correct in season 2 of Buffy as well.

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