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Is Wesley evil?

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thankyou for making a simple door very happy

I have just seen a gruelling series which ended with Angel being lobbed in the sea, Cordy being evangelised, Lorne leaving, the Groosewhatever quitting town, and worst of all, Wesley the brain of Britain jumping in to bed with Lila from Wolfram and Hart.

Can anybody tell me whether or not Wesley is going to be permanently evil, or how this is going to resolve?


Is Wesley evil?

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The Dali Llama

Which season is this? I missed it.

Is Wesley evil?

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

might be a good idea to mark your post with a spoiler warning such as

spoiler for series three

just for those who havent seen it.

i dont know the answer but i am gald that someone is talking about angel. there seems to be more going on on the buffy spoiler page than anywhere else, but not really that much there either.

nice to meet a fellow fan


Is Wesley evil?

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thankyou for making a simple door very happy

It turns out Wesley is going to be evil, getting "closer to Wolfram and Hart" in the next series. Another British bad guy! What a bloody surprise. I think I just violated the house rules. w h a t a terrible shame.

Is Wesley evil?

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isnt evil he helps angel 2 save the world

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