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No Cream Reunion

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The band's members all get along nicely, and are occasionally photographed together. Messrs. Bruce and Baker are said to be very much in favor of a Cream reunion. But this is said to be virtually impossible, because Mr. Clapton has a thriving solo career, and therefore no reason to give his old buddies a boost.

No Cream Reunion

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Mike A (snowblind)

I read on a brilliant Cream website (suppose I should dig up link) that EC would be interested in a re-union...provided he was offered lots'n'lots of money to make it worthwhile. Seeing as he's not one to rehash past successes (having only relatively recently started playing Cream songs in live sets) and seeing as he has an aforementioned thriving solo career, you can see his point.

What with loads of bands reforming and cashing in on their past fame/doing it for the fans, I for one am content to let a Cream reunion pass.

No Cream Reunion

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There is 'rumours' that a great British band of the past may be reforming for next year's Glastonbury. Well, seeing as The Who and the Stones for example have never really split up and other bands have somewhat dead members (e.g. Led Zep), I suppose Cream could go on the list as a possibility?

No Cream Reunion

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Mike A (snowblind)

I wouldn't think so, tbh

No Cream Reunion

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Listen, how am I supposed to get rumours started? You're supposed to say, "Yeah, I'd heard that too - from a VERY good source" etc etc.

smiley - winkeye

No Cream Reunion

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Mike A (snowblind)

*headbutts wall*

Great, a rumour to spread! All I need now is an army of believers to back me up when I get a crowd of angry peeps baying for my blood when I break the news.

*looks around*

Hey, you started it.... smiley - winkeye

No Cream Reunion

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AS much as a Cream reunion would rock, I doubt it's coming. Clapton is way too successful with his Layla Acoustic/Tears in Heaven/Give-up-drugs-and-find-God-bulls**t to get back with Jack and Ginger. God, I'd love to see that, though. Just for the record, I think Clapton should be severely beaten for the unplugged version of Layla. He ruined his own damned song. There's no way Duane Allman would've let him get away with that... he must be spinning in his grave.

No Cream Reunion

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Really? So the DVD I bought of their Royal Albert Hall concert was an illusion??

And how they ROCKED - big time!!

Strange thing is, I had a DVD of their 1968 concert that I hadn't watched - until after the 2005 version. Both simply sublime....

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