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Saw them at Leeds (twice) sometime in 68/69 (That gives it away!) precision in dates of the period a little hazy, at least saw Ginger Baker's drumsticks, and Jack Bruce singing. Clapton tended to stay at back of stage playing with himself (sorry...by himself!). Its worth making the point that they were a 'progressive' group, meaning interminably long drug fuelled solos when playing live. This tended to alienate the less adoring sections of the crowd who wanted their favourites in recognizable format, especially if they were on different drugs to the band! Maybe the 'mixed' receptions contributed to the bands disillusion. Nevertheless, there was great enthusiasm for them. Every bridge on the motorway from London to Leeds had EC=GOD graffitied on it.

Good stuff!

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You're not the only over 40 in h2g2...I saw Cream in Vancouver in '69. I don't remember much about the concert except Ginger Baker doing one of those amazingly long drum solos. I don't even LIKE drum solos (tough to sing along with) but was totally impressed by the fact that he didn't collapse in a heap at the end of it all. I was the naive one that made it through the 60s blissfully unaware of drugs and I just thought he was superhuman. So whatever happened to Ginger Baker? Did he do ANYTHING after they broke up or did he just do the Old British Band thing and retire with his millions to some estate in the middle of nowhere with basset hounds and a wife named Daphne/Margaret/Jane (pick one) There should be a "where are they now" website somewhere smiley - smiley

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I would also claim naivity. I meant that the mostly student audience was fuelled by alcohol, whereas the band appeared at the time to be lost in their music! I think Ginger Baker is still around, I never heard of him dying, although he must now be well into his seventies (he was much older than the others). I seem to remember various 'jazz' type projects over the years, but I am sure there are many better qualified than I to give you the full lowdown. I see from my trusty Amazon.com that he released an album in 1998.

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Ginger Baker: alive, fairly well, living near Cape Town where he raises polo ponies (he plays, still) - but still getting into trouble...http://www.nme.com/news/cream/40896

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