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Redbeard (Thanks to all who supported The Celery!))

For those like myself that hate to deal with finances and aren't very good at putting money aside, here are a couple of tips.

If your workplace has a credit union or system for contributing to private retirement plans, take advantage of it. Start with any amount, but have it regularly taken out of your paycheck, then forget about it -- and never look at the gross (before deductions) figure on your pay stub. Each year review what you're doing and see if you can increase the amount -- if you get a raise, put half of it in your automatic system.

Also, if you finish paying off a car loan (and still have the car) or computer loan, etc., continue making the monthly payments, but instead make them to your savings account. You're used to getting by without that money each month and it will start adding up to help you with the purchase of your next car, computer, etc.

Saving methods

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Witty Moniker

I've heard this called the 'Pay Yourself First' method.

If you don't have an automatic deduction from your pay available, then you should do it yourself. The first item in you personal budget should be a deposit to some type of savings. Then go ahead and spread the rest over the remaining priorities of food, shelter, etc.

Saving methods

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Dragonfly. "A poet can survive everything but a misprint"-- Oscar Wilde

When I was younger, relatives would send me money inside birthday cards... I've always saved all my personal mail, and when I rummaged through my cards, I discovered a ten dollar bill left in one of the cards by mistake!!! This was such a thrill to me that I began leaving ten and twenty dollar bills inside my card box to be found later.

If you can manage to hide cash in a place that you won't get back to for a month or so, try it-- it's a small surprise, but can make your day.

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Witty Moniker

I always get a thrill out of taking out my winter coat for the first cold day and finding a folded bill in the pocket, usually a $5 or $10. That is the best, finding money you didn't know you had.

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Mother of God, Empress of the Universe

My family came up with a very good plan for biulding a savings account for me when I was born. It ended up buying me a little motorcycle and paying my tuition and rent while in college.

My granparents started a savings account at my birth and made a deposit every year for my birthday. I was not allowed access to this account, except to make deposits. To encourage this, my parents would match any deposits I made, so I generally saved the money I earned doing yardwork, or washing cars, or babysitting. Over the years it accumulated enough that I made it through the university with a part time job to cover expenses and no student loans at all.

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Saving methods

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