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Share Houses, The Horrors of and Happy Moments

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frog in a sock

I've been reading a fantastic book on Share Houses
'He Died with a Felafel in his Hand' by John Birmingham.
Soon to endevor in the experience of Share living, I was hoping to get some pointers from the more experienced, Do's and Do nots appreciated!
Hopefully some funny stories to laugh about too!

I recently visited a dear friend, who is a year older than me, and has left school to go to another (uni) one a bit further away.
1 1/4 of his lounge room has been devoted to plastic coke bottles, which lay around his big screen TV. This Tv was donated by another flat mates father and was in a house fire. The TV exterior is melted and deformed, so is the computer monitor.
The Kitchen is incredibly festie. I had to hold my breath. I don't even want to talk about the bath room and toilet ewwwe!

Looking forward to the postings!!

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Share Houses, The Horrors of and Happy Moments

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