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Dinsdale Piranha

Especially the third one, which has stood me in very good stead. My two now know that I mean what I say (I've even heard them warning their friends not to test me).

I also don't stop them from watching things that might not be considered 'suitable viewing', but they are left in no doubt that repeating the scripts of South Park to their grandparents is not on.

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Wand'rin star

As you may know, Duncan Jones is my elder son. He taught me about Lantern fish and many other unbelievable things.I took my kids travelling with me from the time they were six months old. The subsiduary advice there was "make sure you travel with an airline that likes kids". Even as we speask he's swanning round mainland China in far greater luxury than when he did it with me a dozen years ago. He can afford this because I encouraged the computing talent from age seven.

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Wand'rin star

"speask" is a word I've just coined for "chatting on h2g2";-P

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Yes, good rules. Especially about not lying, being consistent, driving lessons and encouragement. Don't know about hugs, being male and English! If I could add a couple more...Treat them like people from the very beginning...When you have an option, feed them well, i.e. not too many chemicals. Finally, never be afraid to break the rules, but tell them why you are doing it, and never be afraid to bribe, but, again, tell them thats what you are doing.

Stop at 18?? I don't think so!

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doggymad (the dog with the curly tail that just wont go straight!)

dont know about most of them as my girl is only 17 months old. but i do know one thing. teach them polite at a young age. the only words my child utters is a polite ord.. ie: she is hello goodbye thank you and please. its sooo sweet and she ow knows if she wants something she has to say please and thank you... makes it so much easier for the grandparents to take them off you for a few hours if they are nice and sweet ha ha

tell you what if you want to help... sum pointers on how to treat a child who throws tantrums would be a good 1 as i am at my wits end

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I read the article on 20 rules for children. I thought it was very good. I've used most of them over the years and hopefully have not made too many mistakes.smiley - biggrinsmiley - winkeye

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Really good guidelines

I only wished I had the chance to take them travelling, being a single mum I just couldn't afford it - but whenever they had a chance to travel with a youth group (like from our local church) I made it possible somehow (don't ask me how I did it - it still is a miracle to me).

Teaching them to be polite is good as well - most people knowing my children (18, 17 and 12) are surprised to find that there are still young people around who know how to behave (at least I did that right)

Being a mother is a livelong commitment - but when the kids grow you get more freedom back for yourself (don't misunderstand me please, I never thought it was sort of prison to have children, I enjoyed it - and now I do enjoy that I might go out every now and then because they are old enough to stay at home alone)

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