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Ever since Trevor Rabin left YES, they have been in a downward spiral (and picking up speed in it) as the Jon Anderson/Steve Howe dominance has lead to weaker and weaker music. I've seen 17 or so concerts since '96 (69 in all since 1974) and the band looks tired. The major culprit here is Steve Howe. The one time guitar god (I was at one time a HUGE fan of his) is but a pale shadow of his former self. In concert he plays at about 2/3's the speed of the tempo of the songs, and frequently miss-plays or misses notes altogether. The last two YESalbums: Ladder and Magnification were travesties, and should have never been released. I think other YESfans feel the same way, as the total world wide sales of both together was less than 100,000. What YES really needs is for Trevor Rabin to come back (even Rick Wakeman has been quoted as saying it should happen) and inject some spark into the band. YES's last days are not far off (and it will be a sad day when it comes) as all are well into their 50's, and are getting a bit long in the tooth for making music and touring. Before they bid the music world adieu, YES needs one more reunion tour like the 1991 bash and go out on a high note!

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It amazes me that the changing of guitar players would evoke so much emotion. It is also annoying that Chris Sqire get's so little credit for his bass parts and his unique ability to keep this group of prima donnas, religious fanatics, alcohol and drug abusers, and just plain lazy musicians out on the road and in the studio. Did I say that it is not so much the lead singer but Chris' harmoney parts that make this such a unique vocal sound? It doesn't really make any difference to me who changes in the band because the real heart of the sound is Squire and he is always there.

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