A Conversation for The Life and Times of the Sun

Life without the sun

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Martin Harper

I'm gonna nitpick and say that life manages on geothermal energy, which is generated, afairc, from the gravitational energy of the earth (and partially cause it used to be hot...).
And if you hooked up a nuclear power generated to a bunch of robots, you'd have life - albeit life that's unlikely to arise naturally... smiley - winkeye

So there smiley - tongueout (nice entry... smiley - smiley)

Life without the sun

Post 2

Dark Side of the Goon

Good point about the robots.

However, without solar energy we get no plants and therefore no food chain.

Obviously, anyone with any hydroponics knowledge is going to point out that we could use artificial light just as well.

However...how would we tell when it was daytime and when it was not. And would life be worth living without sunsets?

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