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White dwarfs?

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I'm sure I discovered (through playing Trivial Pursuit!) that the sun is a white dwarf now, but if it becomes this when it collapses, then what is it at the moment?? *confused!*

Where is a reliable source to find out more?
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White dwarfs?

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Gandalf ( Got my own Comp Now!! Still Redundant!! )

Sun at the moment is a 'moderate yellow', but does NOT, according to Dr Isaac Asimov, have enough mass to become a neutron star.


White dwarfs?

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Jimi X

One reliable source has to be this site - http://www.h2g2.com/A356852 It has an informative entry on the Sun that should probably be linked to this entry.

White dwarfs?

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Jimi X

Or I could just tell you that the Sun is a 'main sequence' star at the moment, and will evolve into a red giant, puff away its outer shell of helium forming a planetary nebula with a white dwarf (which would actually be hotter than the current sun) in the center.

If you want to read more about the relationship of colour to stars check out http://www.h2g2.com/A337312 Spectral Classification System.

And I know that I'm linking to entries in the Edited Guide by Joanna, but I'm considering signing on as her publicity agent. smiley - winkeye

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