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Nice entrysmiley - smiley
I never thought the song was directly about drugs. People are just a little too paranoid...
I remmeber John saying that he started cheking all his song titles after that to see what they might spell and they didn't spell anything...
Most ipmortant of all, it's just a really great songsmiley - biggrin

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several, a/k/a random

there were as many numbers of influences.....the boys were five months away from recording in studio, and three apart from each other, according to beatles' anthology 2 liner notes, so when they went into the studio november 1966 as a global Happening, well.....
EMI Studios apparently gave them and producer george martin a nearly unlimited budget.....the liner notes also add that there are parts of the amazing Sgt. Pepper ethos.
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We're all basically pattern-detection devices, so even if nothing was intended, it's easy to map the song and its title to LSD.

A similar example to this is the "Dark Side of the Moon" album by Pink Floyd played over "Wizard of Oz". When I showed this to a friend, he said he was nearly convinced the effect was intentional. That is, until the next CD in the player started up (modern interpretations of the American "Schoolhouse Rock" series) and played "3 is a Magic Number" to video of Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Dorothy heading up the yellow brick road. At that point we wrote it off to coincidence again.

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Orange A (formerly known as DunlopVolley)

I wonder who made the discovery about the Pink Floyd album? I mean, you don't normally pop on a record and film at the same time! Of course, it's just another of those odd coincidences.

Another Beatles example is the Paul is Dead rumours. For an entertainign read, go to http://udel.edu/~mm/beatles/paulLives/paulLives.html
to see that you can find clues for any situation using album covers, songs and pictures of the Beatles, this particular one is that everyone BUT Paul is dead.

Glad you enjoyed the entry,
DV. smiley - peacesign

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