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congrats and more info

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Trillian's child

Congratulations, Sho, for having an entry approved and eternalised on the Guide.

I have the following to add/comment:

I use rubber gloves for washing up __so that__ I can use hotter water.

You can put talcum powder in them to make them slip on better and keep dryer inside.

I prefer to put a very thick layer of hand cream on inside the gloves. The heat of the washing up water increases the effect, not only protecting the skin, but also feeding it simultaneously.

And I use them for protecting my nails rather than the skin on my hands.

To allow more accuracy of feeling (and to prevent dropping glasses) I get them with a very tight fit - they go loose with time anyway.

Problem: (Have you got a solution?smiley - smiley They almost pull the skin off my hands when I take them off!

Also, to keep a better hold on the priceless crystal, some have a roughened surface at the fingertips. This still only helps if you hold the glasses very carefully in two hands.

congrats and more info

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Sho - employed again!

Thanks. And I agree with all that you said. I always use really, really hot water, and a thick layer of hand/nail cream. It's a tip my Grandad (!) gave me years ago. I usually use a dishwasher though, so I don't have to handle glasses!! (these days I only wash the baby's milk bottles by hand, and since she's nearly giving them up (I haven't told her yet) this is a phase which will (hopefully) soon pass, and I can hang the gloves up forever (apart from cleaning the bathroom).

congrats and more info

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Trillian's child

Well I'm only washing glasses at the moment because the DW has packed in and I'm not bothering to have it repaired because I shall be rewarded with a whole new kitchen in a couple of months.

Our children have already remarked upon the cameraderie and camp fire feeling generated by communal washing up sessions which they had hardly known before (at least, at home)

BTW I am not going to Amsterdam now. I decided I can't afford it. I'm hoping this isn't a perverse form of H2G2 addiction - can't spend 2 days away from the computer!!

But my account crossed the 0 DM barrier this week and a new job is not in sight this year (not even lacy knickers!) I had looked into train times, though, in detail, including a break for lunch in Aachen on the way back on Sunday!!

the 0DM barrier

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Sho - employed again!

I'm always on the wrong side of the 0 dm barrier! But, I got a pay rise this month (!) backdated to 1.7 so maybe I'll get in the plus for a few hours! And then I have decided to put my travel costs on my Steuerkarte (finally) and I didn't know this, but now I get the whole year's worth in the next 3 months (and at approx. DM 1,400 per month, that's not bad!). So... I'm affording myself a new computer!! So maybe (at last) I'll get h2g2 at home. Finally
Glad your children wash up. We hated it at home. Although when I was smaller (around 10) I liked to play "capacity" and make the bubbles come out of the teapot spout. Still do, in fact, whenever I wash up. Sad, aren't I?
Sorry you're not going to Amsterdam, I won't go because of the Anklesnappers. But maybe there will be a German meeting soon (there are enough of us after all) and if we can persuade them to do it near the Dutch/Belgian boarder, maybe I'll make it.
Don't worry about the lacy knickers. Nobody buys them anyway (too scratchy). How about setting up a dot.com of your own?

the 0DM barrier

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Trillian's child

We're working on one - but it will be in the South. The first suggestion is Karlsruhe, but I think if we put dots on a map it would draw us more towards Stuttgart which would be a bit of a hike for you. The German contingent have plumped for GerManiaConnection so I will start putting it together now - well, tomorrow. ............

the 0DM barrier

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Sho - employed again!

Out of the names I saw, that was about the best. My secret favourite would have been "sausage noshers" but that's mean really, and they did want to get away from food.
I look forward to how it looks though - don't expect too many contributions from me, as I said my written German is deplorable! (that comes from never formally learning it)
You sounded very down yesterday, hope everything is better today. I have just ordered a new pc, so maybe when it finally arrives I'll e-mail you. If that's ok.
Stuttgart is a bit of a hike. I'll hang on for the next Dutch meeting, or possibly schlepp over for a UK one (I can take my mum then and finally get her to register here!)

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