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If you've got water in the glove, you'll want to leacve it inside out for a while anyway, to dry. Then: turn the cuff part roughly the right way round, bunch the cuff edge togather and blow the glove the right way round, making a humorous inflated hand in the process.


Pull the udder one.

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You can blow them up to make amusing cows udders for that last-minute fancy dress party.
Surgical gloves are actually the best for this purpose.

Ooh, and another thing - Get a surgical glove, put a bit of dry ice in it, and tie the end up. Sneak the glove under the desk of somebody you don't like. Eventually the thing will explode violently. I guess this kind of prank doesn't happen outside hospitals and labs. smiley - smiley

Pull the udder one.

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Boys and Cake Girl

Sounds like great fun though. smiley - smiley

Pull the udder one.

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Sho - employed again!

Talking about udders, my mum suggested another use (which I have actually done in the dim and distant past) and that was making a hole in one finger and using the glove/finger as a teat for a molly lamb (a lamb without a mother) or calf. And since she either won't register as a researcher, or is just lurking here, I'll make the suggestion for her.

Surgical gloves warrant their own entry, don't you think????? Who's going to write it?


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Military Gloves

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Sho - employed again!

Did you have to wear the rubber gloves all the time or just during training for chemical warefare ? smiley - smiley
We had to wear thin cotton gloves with big thick (one size fits all) black rubber gloves over the top (as well as other yummy items of clothing lined with charcoal). Not a lot of fun!

Military Gloves

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Just for the training for the chemical war. smiley - smiley

And we are told we must take off before using toilet!

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