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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

I once tried to use them for a constructive hobby of mine, to seal some self-made pressurized air devices. But they only worked for some weeks, then bio-degraded (or so) in the sunlight and glued the whole thing together. The same happened when I abused condoms for the same purpose.

rubber gloves

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I think that 'Rubber' gloves, in the sense used here, are usually made from PVC or some other plasticky stuff. If you intend using for electrical protection, you may need to use 'genuine rubber' gloves, which are mighty in construction and price, and available from a friendly electrical wholesaler near you. Be careful out there.

More importantly, almost worthy of an entry in itself, is the major problem when using the gloves, "How to get them off?". If you just peel them off, they are left inside out...and I understand that this only needs to be done a very few times before grounds for divorce/separation are established. If you pull them off, you run the risk of decapitating a finger (of the glove..not your hand). The scientific method, ie blowing down the cuffs thus de-sticking the golve from the fingers, is hardly dignified. "What is it that you do, dearest partner, with your nose stuck down your gloves?" Is there an etiquette involved or are those who eschew the use of gloves ostensibly displaying a macho non-glove wearing attitude merely disguising their embarrassment at a lack of de-gloving technique?

I wonder.

rubber gloves

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Researcher 229516

I used to wear rubber gloves to do the washing up and a few other household chores until three weeks ago. My girlfriend did not know that I wore rubber gloves and caught me washing the dinner plates wearing her new pink gloves now I am get called a sissy and my new nickname is now marrigold. I also when I go near the sink I get remarks like don't forget your rubber gloves so now I make sure she never sees me wearing rubber gloves.

rubber gloves

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I've just found this site and would like ot offer my background experience to assist with technical matters of gloves. I am currently Tech Manager for the Best glove company in the world!

Gloves are made in many styles. Rubber generically covers natural rubber/guayule (comes from trees/cactus plants respectively) and synthetic rubber (also known as nitrile, polychloroprene, polyisoprene as used in gloves). Rubber is generally known as an elastomer (elastic polymer) and PVC would not be included in that classification).

Depending upon glove style the accepted protocol for removal in my industry is to pull from the cuff over the thumb joint then it can usually be pulled off by the fingers. From this position it is fairly easy to turn right way out again.

I hope this helps.

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