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smiley - ermAll retailers should be responsible for receiving back a)the packaging on items they sell and b)redundant/worn out artefacts of the type they sell. This would then make them cautious about the product and packaging they wish to market in the first place.
A similar obligation would be placed on manufacturers and wholesalers vis a vis the retailer so they would be more conscious about the products they manufacture and the method of packaging.
I think the computer industry is taking this type of approach on board -but it is based on cash incentives rather than the more direct approach I advocate above.
There would need to be many exceptions for practical reasons but surely white goods could be taken back by the supplier of your next fridge? Same with the garage who sell you your new car? The supermarket with their food trays (then they would soon stop using so much packaging)? Furniture should take away by the store that sells you your next suite etc. etc.
Then we would have less trips to the tip ourselves and the "recycling" back up the chain would encourage more thoughtful creation of environmentally sensitive products and packaging in the first place.smiley - erm

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Recycling &Retailers

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