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This is an excellent entry, and now that it is part of H2G2, it seems surprising no one has written about this before.

I have been wondering, since this illness has a psychological compentent do those who are 'cured' go on to develop for example other personality disorders or other related illnesses.

It also occurs to me that if there are cultures where anorexia does not exist, do the people who might otherwise be vulnerbale to this illness develop other disorders. Perhaps there is no way of knowing.


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leo mckern [space for random exotic word juxtaposition generator]

there is unfortunately an elementary spelling mistake which has been overlooked by the editors - it is "anorectic" not "anorexic"


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Grieving Godmother

A person who is suffering from anorexia is referred to as 'anorexic' or (less commonly) 'anorectic'. "Anorectic" is the noun form, where "anorexic" is the adjectival form.

However, this is not the place for editorial feedback. You need to post corrections, etc. at <./>Feedback-Editorial</.> or it won't get corrected.


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there is unfortunately an admittance mistake which has been overlooked by the editors - it is "deny admittance" not "allow admittance"

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