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The crowd at a luau is a picture of diversity.

Do you want to handle askin' a blessin' before getting into the pig while some of your guests are swilling beer, smoking all manner of combustibles, and telling great jokes while others silently bow their heads before attacking the pig? Caution is called for here lest an abundance of partying time be lost while a southern baptist goes on for days exhorting JEEE ZHuss to come into your crowd's hungry hearts.

From what I've been able to observe, Hawaiians have a gentle and giving culture and one that makes 'southern hospitality' more akin to the warmth projected by a manhatten convenience store clerk. A Luau is gathering where the host opens his larder to friends and family and strangers. After Pomar and his brothers and nephews begin uncovering the pig, a ripple runs thru the crowd and soon all are gathered expectantly. Maybe I have imagined this to be tradition and it is actually another of Po's ploys to dodge the work, but Po then turns to address the crowd.

He talks for a few moments in a booming voice that projects from his sumo-wrestler-looking body about the joys of family and friends and the enjoyment and the gratitude of seeing all come together for fun and food. Who could ask for more?

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