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Joseph Campbell

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I'm not complaining about the NHS, rather those patients who use it = complain re their treatment, eg delays, having to wait,etc. It seems the patients have more rights (eg PALS, patient's charter, etc) than the overworked nurses + doctors. the patients are quick to complain but can the staff complain so easily......no is the answer.

example; sduring a busy saturday night shift in A+E, when I was the senior doctor on, I witnessed a pt attacking a nurse + a doctor. What happened - the doctor needed 3 stitches + the nurse was injured. The patient said he had a psych condition - but nothing mentioned in his notes, so he got awat with it.

People get hurt my friend, but most don't ask for it. I know, I've worked in the NHS at a fairly high level for the past 10yrs.

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Joseph Campbell

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Yep. It is very hard working in a hospital and I am gone and glad to be gone; people can treat you like CR** and you have to eat it with a smile and say thank you. I understand that people are not well, under stress, etc., but never, have I, even under stress and worried for my child -as patient- been as rude or horrible as many people treat you. Yet, it seems the squeaky wheels get the grease; I always hated that. I was even told to give faster treatment to jerks so they did not go to the press or whatever, while kind, decent folk in the same condition had to wait....that is SO WRONG!!

Joseph Campbell

Post 23

bunnyfrog will never die

Perhaps a lumpy pillow policy is in order. Those who complain loudest get the lumpiest pillows, and if they dare complain about something so trivial as an uncomforatable pillow, they can get A Look from anybody they care to mutter at, thus taking them down a peg smiley - biggrin

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