A Conversation for Jedi - the Growth of a 'Religion'

What Jedi *actually* believe, probably.

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I'm very fond of pointing out that in the UK Jedi outnumber Jews three to two, and that despite numerical superiority still don't get our own spot on Thought for the Day.

I've also pointed out before that, all humourous talk of "the Force" aside, there are a number of characteristics and beliefs one might reasonably ascribe to the "average" self-identifying Jedi:

- little or no *recent* involvement in organised religion (duh)
- an active sense of humour (nobody takes it seriously, surely?)
- higher than average intelligence (in my experience this goes along with rejecting religion)
- active embrace of new technology (the exhortation was spread by email)
- generally liberal views, although probably not actively anti-establishment (Jedi buy into a product of a corporate body, but on their own terms)
- a generally optimistic, non-apathetic outlook.

All in all, generally nice people to be around. You'd not mind your daughter marrying one, for instance...


What Jedi *actually* believe, probably.

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Mu Beta

You might not, but the Jedi Council would. Look what happened to Anakin. smiley - zen


What Jedi *actually* believe, probably.

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That wasn't the Force or marriage's fault, that was Anakin's fault. This is a real bone of contention I have with the Jedi in the films. Love is not a path to evil (if, indeed, there can be said to be an evil). It wasn't love that did Anakin in, it was fear. Fear of loss and the unknown. And his rage and arrogance didn't help matters either.

smiley - pirate

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What Jedi *actually* believe, probably.

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