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it may not be possible

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write a program that is 'AI'...
let there be no redundant data in it ..

now if this program 'is' human AI.. it will also be capable of working out how to build the program that it is

this isn't going to be possible

it may not be possible

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"this isn't going to be possible"

Says what unstoppable force?
Man-kind is the one species we know of to do what it's physical body cannot. Who says we can't cause this to be possible?

You're simply limiting your possibilities, instead of testing them.

Without wings, man still flew.
Without air, man still breathed.

We can do this, as well as anything else.

it may not be possible

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Then call it freakin' impossible, then we can start over from the beginning. "Impossible merely suggests that there is something we don't know about, and god knows there are enough of those. Improbable, however, runs contrary to something we do know about."
-Douglas Adams in, The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul

it may not be possible

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Good point smiley - ok

After all, humans didn't come about all at once, but evolved through a painstakingly slow process of elimination. If we could come up with a simple starting point and work from there, we wouldn't need all the information. Just patience.

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