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Turing test

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One question that really fools virtually every computer every time in the turing test is this:

"What is the colour of a blue truck?"

Even a very small child could tell you the answer is blue, but virtually no computer can.

Turing test

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Martin Harper


I see no reason why a computer shouldn't be able to answer that question - it's pretty trivial deductive reasoning: if coloured(truck, blue) then coloured(truck, X) -> X=blue.

What turing test programs have you fooled with this question?

Turing test

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I dont quite understand why but what you say is true, if try out your turning test on this online chatterbot it will know to awnser a colour but will not get the the colour right.

Turing test

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Martin Harper

Random chatterbots are not the last word in Artificial Intelligence.

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