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summer Solstice

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JLC the TTP aka ...It's All Happening!

I must reference this to Xmthmel, or some such. He is looking for Ancient Legends. What do you editors do with these articles? WOL, JLC the TTP

summer Solstice

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Lanc - GURU and ACE

Summer solstice is many things to many peoples. In some communities (pagan or druid) if you wish, the solstice marks the change of the year obviously. The change is that the father sun is giving way to the presence of the forces of darkness and the summer solstice marks the cyclic transition. Prepare for fall and then winter, reap the fruits that mother earth , "Gaia", has provided and store them well. The winter solstice has just the reverse, the beginning of rebirth. The triumph of father sun over the forces of darkness.

These traditions have been present in mankind in many ways for over 5000 years. It is the modern pagan or druid that celebrates these celestial events for the world to see. Many other cultures use the solar and lunar cycle with reverence and have similar celebrations. Indeed for over a thousand years there has been religious persecution of the followers of the religions of nature and even today to admit to be pagan or druid can cost a job, friends and much more.

For more information you may see http://www.silvercrow.com/druid/druid.htm
The pages will better explain many aspects Druid and the reverence for the seasons, peoples and lands. The complete Druid ceremony is presented for all to learn from.

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