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Meaning of Traffic Lights in Madrid and Barcelona

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Jordi Matemàtic

In Barcelona, a red light means "stop", unless the pedestrian's light is also red, in which case it means "start". If you're driving a motorbike, a blinking green pedestrian also means "start".

As a consequence, you should stop on yellow lights unless you want to risk smashing a motorbike. By the way, Barcelona is the city wth a larger proportion of motorbikes in Spain, and probably in Europe, so the likelihood of crossing with one is pretty high.

In Madrid, the rules are opposite. Same as in New York, a yellow light means "accelerate", and a red light means "stop" only after an undetermined time lapse during which the light is said to be "rojo pronto" (translates as "early red"). Of course, when your light goes green, you should wait for the other drivers to cross through before you start.

Meaning of Traffic Lights in Madrid and Barcelona

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Researcher 193704

Hi, according to the Spainish Highway Code One has to give way to traffic from the right ?

Does this mean traffic from minor roads or entering islands has right of way even though I am on a main road or island/roundabout ?

Any help on this point gratefully received.


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Meaning of Traffic Lights in Madrid and Barcelona

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