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I find it extremely hard to believe that ALL of Henry VIII's wives were unfaithful to him. It is far more likely that he was extremely demanding of his wives and they were unable to meet those demands. As he was the mightiest ruler bar The Almighty he did what he pleased. Although Pope wouldn't grant him divorce, and because he went with it anyway, Pope excomminucated him. Nevertheless he still remained faithful to Rome. He personally never wanted the Church of England to become what it was after his death. And he would probably even object to some of the things being practiced by Anglican Church today.

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Alas Raven you are probably right, he would not be pleased with some of the things practised by the Anglican church today and even more so of the practices of an alarming number of peadophile Catholic priests. Nor would he be very happy with the modern concept of religion in the USA, namely TV evangelism and it's sole aim to fleece people of money amid false hope.

Most religions were based on fear, threats of damnation and other atrocities if followers did not do there bidding. As ignorance and fear were abound amongst the masses in early times it was easy for these religious con men to have massive power not only over the common man but over kings and queens. One only has to look at history to see the influence of religion in wars, many of which were started in the name of this church or that. It is therefore not suprising that religion has been the cause of more deaths to mankind than any other reason.

Most of the so called popular relgions today are no different than an other commercial enterprise. They have to fight for their share of the market and do so with the same ferocity as any other company trying to survive. Lost is the concept that we should have faith in a god that is above human frailty.

"If God is good then God be cruel and salvage the land that is best without man and all his greed" Gino Vanelli.

Henry VIII's wives

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Sho - employed again!

Mostly he ditched them because they didn't give him a son. Although, who knows what would have happened to poor, sick little Jane if she had survived much longer!

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