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Driving Directions

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Just a quickee about the description of Williamsburg posted here......

The driving directions from the Williamsburg Bridge are pretty bad. In most instances, what is given will end you up going the wrong way down a one-way street.

Go over the Williamsburg Bridge using the outermost lane.
Exit at Broadway (first exit) and bear to the right.
Right on Broadway.
Go to the second traffic light (Bedford Avenue).
Turn Right.
(At this point you are at roughly South 5th Street)
Follow Bedford Avenue for about 11 blocks.

This will put you in the Northside area of Williamsburg (North 7th Street), more than likely the area you are looking for. If in the least, it is a good place to start.

Of course, if you are really smart you will not use a car in the first place and take the subway to Bedford Avenue (L Train) or Marcy Avenue (J,M, Z) and walk.



Driving Directions (Part II)

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Researcher 172696

I also wanted to add.....
This guide is very well done, accurate and still very much up to date as of this writing (5/01). Kudos to the author.

The problem with the driving guide actually has more to do with the fact that several streets in the neighborhood are being torn up for various construction projects. I expect that this will last through a good part of this summer.

Stick with the subway. Everything is an easy walk. The entire area is simply not that big - Roughly 4km x 3km.

If you want to take a cab, it will cost about $15 US from Manhattan (depending on origin). Yellow cab service from Williamsburg is virtually non-existant. You will need a car service to get you back. Any restaurant or bar will be able to give you a telephone number for a service.


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